SI ENTER market is a multilateral trading facility (MTF) operated by Ljubljana Stock Exchange Inc.

The purpose of SI ENTER market is to fill the gap between over-the-counter (OTC) trading and the regulated market. This offers investors an opportunity for easier investments to which they typically wouldn’t have access to, as well as making it easier and less costly to exit investments. At the same time, this offers issuers who currently do not wish to become public companies, a way to raise capital and list their financial instruments on a less demanding market. Less stringent conditions might however mean higher risks for investors.

SI ENTER market is divided into multiple segments, each tailored to or designed for specific types of issuers.


The ADVANCE segment is an entry point for companies exploring capital and stock market for the first time. While the trading system is identical as on a regulated market, this segment is much less stringent for issuers and has lower costs.

Shares, bonds and commercial papers and be listed in The ADVANCE segment. Listing is only possible upon request of the issuer. Conditions for listing are simple and the process is usually very quick.

Segment BASIC

The BASIC segment is a special segment where listing is only possible at the initiative of the exchange. In the segment Ljubljana Stock Exchange lists only shares of Slovenian companies that meet basic criteria and are not listed on another trading venue.

Investors should have in mind that issuers in this segment have no obligations to disclose regulated information. Any listing of shares by Ljubljana Stock Exchange does not imply a recommendation for their purchase or any other exposure to those finanical instruments.


The PROGRESS segment is a more advanced segment of SI ENTER market. It is intended for companies who seek to advance to the regulated market in the shortest possible time. The PROGRESS segment was developed in cooperation with Zagreb Stock Exchange and represents a preparatory step before listing on the stock market.