The following Terms of Use shall govern the relationship between you (hereinafter: the User) and the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Inc., ID No: 5316081000, VAT number SI 59780061, Slovenska cesta 56, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter: the Exchange) regarding the use of the Exchange websites (hereinafter: the Websites). By using the Websites, you consent and agree to comply with the provisions contained in these Terms of Use.

If these Terms of Use are not acceptable to you, please do not use or visit the Websites. By visiting and/or using the Websites, you agree to these Terms of Use.

Please note that, in addition to these Terms of Use, additional rules are also applicable to the use of some of the Exchange Websites (for example, SEOnet and INFO HRAMBA). They are accessible on individual websites for which they are used.

The Exchange grants the User a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to view, print, or copy the content of the Websites solely for personal non-commercial use.

The Websites content may not be used for commercial purposes, copied, distributed, transmitted, published, displayed, modified, linked or otherwise altered without express consent of the Exchange or used in any manner whatsoever that might cause damage to either the Exchange or any third parties. Any non-commercial use of the content of the Website, the warning regarding intellectual property rights and data sources must be maintained and clearly marked. Data may not be modified or edited.

By visiting and/or using the Websites, the User does not acquire, either explicitly or tacitly, any licence or right to use the trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of the Exchange or third parties. Accordingly, the User acknowledges and understands that all data, content, graphics, text, trademarks, logos and all other material contained on this Websites is protected by intellectual property rights or copyright.

The Exchange will invest reasonable efforts into keeping the Websites running and functional but waives responsibility for occasional failure or inaccessibility of the websites or for any loss of data that may occur during data transfer on the Internet.

The Exchange makes the data contained on the Exchange Websites available to the public for information purposes only; thus it neither directly nor indirectly, makes no offers to anyone to conclude deals or to buy or sell financial instruments. The information contained on the Exchange Websites does not in any event constitute a recommendation by the Exchange to buy or sell any financial instruments.

The Exchange makes no recommendations regarding the quality of any company or investment fund mentioned on the Websites. The information contained on the Websites does not constitute investment advice or should be the basis for making investment judgements.

The data contained on the Websites, including market data and indicators, are obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, but the Exchange makes no representations, nor does it give any warranties as to their completeness or accuracy, so they should be understood in such manner.

All the data are made available as they are, without any warranty or guarantee of any kind, and the Exchange neither expressly nor tacitly guarantees to any User or third parties for their accuracy, timeliness or completeness. The data concerned are such that they change without prior notice and may become outdated. Therefore, the User must verify any data collected through the Websites before acting on them.

The Exchange will invest reasonable efforts as regards the accuracy and up-to-datedness of Websites data, but it cannot be held responsible for their accuracy and completeness.

The information published on the Websites must not be considered the basis for important personal, financial or business decisions; by using the Websites the User agrees that the Exchange is not and shall not be held responsible for failure to meet the User’s expectations regarding the information published. 

In addition, the Exchange reserves the right to change any content, information or data published on the Websites and the right to disable access to and/or to discontinue the Websites, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior or special notice.

The Exchange shall not, for any reason whatsoever, be held liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the access, use or inability to use the Websites or for any error or incompleteness in its content.

The Users shall bear sole responsibility for the use and maintenance of their computer equipment, both hardware and software, as well as for other equipment used for visiting and using the Websites. The Exchange waives responsible and liability for any damage to the equipment of the User that may result from the use of the Websites.

Unless agreed otherwise with the Exchange in writing, the User is permitted to place a hyperlink online under the following conditions: (a) the link must lead to the homepage URL of the Websites only; (b) the appearance, position and other aspects of the link must not be such as to impair or diminish the business reputation associated with the Exchange and its logos and signs; (c) the appearance, position and other aspects of the link must not be such as to give the incorrect impression that the Exchange is in some way associated with the User or is sponsored by the Exchange; (d) if the link is activated, the page must be displayed on the whole screen, rather than within a frame of the page on which the link is located; and (e) the Exchange reserves the right to deny access to the page via the link.

The Exchange may on the Websites advertise its member firms, listed companies and other organisations on the site. The existence of such advertisements shall not mean that the Exchange recommends the advertisers in any way.

The Websites contains, exclusively as a help to the users, links to other websites. The use of such links or websites is the sole responsibility of the User. The Exchange waives responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any data, information, opinions, advice or statements contained on those websites. The existence of such links on the Websites does not imply that the Exchange accepts any liability with regard to the content or use of such websites.

The Exchange has taken security measures to protect the data at its disposal against the loss, abuse or unauthorised acquisition by third parties. However, it is impossible to achieve complete security and privacy protection on the Internet. As a result, the Exchange accepts no responsibility for any damage you may suffer as a result of the abuse, alteration or unauthorised acquisition of data transmitted over the Internet.

The Exchange respects the privacy of the User and collects personal data such as name, address and telephone number at such time and if the User decides to contact the Exchange. The User data are used by the Exchange only to meet the individual requests of the User for information.

The Exchange may forward User data to other persons, but only: (a) if it has your consent to do so; (b) if the information is provided to the persons who provide services to the Exchange and assist the Exchange in providing such services to Users, but only if such persons have adopted the Exchange’s Privacy Policy, or (c) if we are obliged to do so in accordance with the provisions of the law or other regulations or under a court order. The Exchange, as the personal data controller, undertakes technical, administrative and organisational security measures to protect the data received from abuse, destruction, loss, alteration or access by unauthorised persons.

The Websites use cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in the computer system via an Internet browser. To be able to provide better functionalities and more interesting content to the User when visiting the Exchange Websites and to create services and offers that meet the needs and wishes of the User, the Exchange uses cookies and/or other customary techniques to collect User specific data (e.g. the IP address from which the Websites is accessed, the connection time, etc.). Detailed information about cookies used by an individual web page is provided to the User immediately upon first visiting the web page. Cookies settings may always be adjusted in the web browser. If the User deactivates the cookies settings in the Internet browser used, is possible that not all functions on the page will be fully available.

The Websites use Google Analytics, a Google Inc. website analysis tool ("Google"). The software contains a tag, comparable to cookies, that allows Google to analyse your use of the Website. In the Exchange account, Google uses these data to analyse the general use of the application based on data, as well as to generate application activity reports and to provide additional services to the Exchange in respect of the use of the application or of the Internet use. Google first abbreviates your IP address in European Union Member States member states or in other member states of the European Economic Area. The IP address transferred in the course of applying the Google Analytics service is not related to other Google data.

You can refuse to have data collected and stored in the future. Therefore, click on the link ( and download deactivation. In case you download and install this plug-in, it will tell Java Script (ga.js.) not to collect any information about web visits in the future. Additional information about Google Analytics tracking services is available from the data protection service in Google Analytics:

In the event that some of the provisions of these Terms of Use are found to be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this will in no way affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts thereof.

In the event of infringement of the Terms of Use, the Exchange reserves the right to use all means available to it under legal regulations, including the right to prevent access to the Websites from a particular Internet address.

The Exchange reserves the right to alter the content of the Websites in any way, at any time and for any reason, and waives responsibility or liability for any consequences arising out of such changes. Such changes are binding on the User and we strongly recommend that you visit the Websites frequently in order to be fully informed about their content in a timely manner.