Financing through the SI ENTER Market:: Benefits of Listing on SI ENTER

Listing of financial instruments on MTF brings many advantages at achieving the company’s goals. 

One of the main benefits is far easier financing of operations and research and development. Listing on SI ENTER opens new pathways to finance and enables the company to access previously untapped capital markets, while strengthening the existing lines of finance. 

Listing on SI ENTER market enhances visibility of the company, including through public disclosure rules which bind listed companies. This greatly builds trust between listed companies and investors.  Financing with debt instruments is often cheaper than bank loans, offers efficient dispersion of finance and usually comes without covenants, requests for collateral and other limitations normally present at bank financing. 

Listing on SI ENTER market opens the company to new investors, domestic and foreign. More transparency means more visibility and more media exposure, which has direct impact on trust building and good-will of a company.